The Button Junkie Range

Here at Button Junkie we have hand-crafted four mouth-watering juices that will tempt and tantalize any vapors tastebuds. This captivating collection is available in both 15ml & 30ml glass bottles with a tempting blend ratio of 30% PG, 70% VG, proving the perfect balance to what are four wonderful flavours.

Made by hand, we have worked tirelessly using only the finest ingredients, never compromising on product quality and safety. It was no surprise then, when we decided to team up with Ecigwizard to manufacture our product for us. Their ISO Class 8 clean room provided the perfect location for our creation to be brought to life with the care and attention of industry experts with years of experience.

Mixologist Chris

Exploding onto the scene, we are humbled by the positive feedback we have received from everyone about our juices.

We have always been disappointed with what has been advertised as “premium juice” and that’s why from the very beginning Button Junkie set out to create exceptional flavours. Our team of flavour junkies worked tirelessly spending months perfecting taste combinations, until finally we had four flavours that we felt were truly special and unlike anything else available on the market today.

Reaching out to the guys at Ecigwizard made perfect sense as they could make our dream a reality with their impressive set-up, boasting an ISO Class 8 cleanroom and GC-MS testing of every batch produced. If we were going to sell our products to the open market they had to be completely chemically pure and free from diketones.